Here I am reaching to you.

Body shivering and eyes closing.

So far away I can no longer walk or run.

Getting away was only half the fun.

Now home sick it’s your arms I crave the most.

Games that never amount play themselves out.

Flying is my only way to you.

Spread my arms.

Open my wings and will back the tears.

Tell me the way and point me there.

Everything at once I’m facing my fears.

Turbulence and wind rifts the only obstacles I must overcome.

Picturing your face is the only thing giving me the courage.

Get that running start and let out a deep breath.

Let it all out and jump.

Fly to the far reaches of the earth.

No sun to guide me for its the sun I’m heading to.

Eyes wide and feathers fluttering.

No longer caring but building up strength to carry on.

On my way back to you.

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