Best friend



She can count how many good friends she has on one hand.

Other than that she’s always stuck in her minds wonderland.

Some people call them acquaintances.

Some people call them besties.

I call them my friends and if you want to mess with them you have to go through me.

But theres this one gal that’s as pretty as can be.

She’s put up with my madness and has always stayed dear to me.

Have you ever heard that attitudes are contagious?

Well she’s the type of girl thats attitude is worth catching.

She’s got a twinkle in her eye and a smile so bright.

Every day in class she came off almost transmitting her own ray of light.

I can admit I’m not always easy to deal with but this sweet gal was the one to push me up against the wall and tell me to snap out of it.

Leaving history class to talk in the hall,

Or valentines day keeping me company when I fell to my knees and cried about it all.

I trust her as much as she trusts me because when I had those marks she’s the one that saw.

I went to her about my deepest secrets and have told her my life.

She’s the only one to read my writing journal and read the words I wrote to cut like a knife.

The scars I’ve made and have she has tended to almost every one.

Like sister to sister she has patched me up until my tears were all done.

I can say I love her there’s no doubt about that,

She’s always been blossom helping me defeat mojojo in combat.

She has helped me keep my head up and to continue walking down the right path.

To God we both look to keep our friendship in tact.

He has finally blessed me with a bestfriend.

No matter my faults no matter her downfalls.

No matter the tears that pour down my eyes writing this like niagra falls.

A best friend is rare and she’s a precious gem in my life.

She can never be replaced because she’s always there for me as I am for her in times of need.

She is my bestest bestest friend indeed!

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