Coffee black and it’s white.

Bland noodles chewed at the dinner table.

Walking in and out of doors.

Sitting on chairs and floors.

One foot after another walking down bare hallways.

Mouths moving but no words or sounds uttered.

Faded smiles and empty lifeless hands.

Cold and throbbing.

Eyes blink away blank stares.

People walk around aimlessly with no cares.

Laughter a myth.

And love gone like 1800’s blacksmiths.

Pounding on that bright red iron.

What happened to all the color that our emotions put on?

Pull me out from inside.

Isn’t it mad without color?

Skin and bones.

Tough and sturdy.

Keeping out everything.

Nothing coming in.

Steady beat.



Blood flowing.

Never stopping.

Dull steady beat.

No stopping…

Beat. Beat. Beat.

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