Tied up by my wrists.

Feet just dangling above the water.6010013-208-k63552

Noose around my neck I can’t breathe.

Take off running only to be yanked by farther than where I started.

The only way to be tied up is tied up with you.

Tried erasing you and letting you go but everything comes back

and splatters in my face.Bruises.

Black and blue.

Purple surrounding my wrists.

Deep cuts from a rope that’s keeping me in place.

Reminders of the mistakes I’ve made.

Kiss my wrists and find my tender spots.

My arms are already tied above my head.

I have already surrendered.

I wear a white flag.

The look in my eyes tell all.

I need something better to conquer me.

SomeONE to take over me.

Let my arms come down around you.

To the depths of the sea.

But what’s the use of wishing and dreaming.

I’m chasing after a worthless and pointless thing.

I’ll find a way to fight and cut myself free.

This way I’ll just fall into the water below me.

Finally can breathe.

I take that breath.

Bubbles rising to the surface.

And a girl slowly sinking to the bottom to be in bliss.

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