Love Addiction


9660498-208-k759884We start with an hour and waste the day.

You put your arms around me and I’m home. You touch my lines and I start to explode.

What would you do if you knew I was slipping away.

Would you convince me to stay or would you let everything be as it may?

You and I are done pretending.

I never knew I had that much to give.

I still run, but instead I run right into you.

Your presence lingers here and it won’t leave me alone.

Hold me.

The moment passes me by and yet I cant turn away.

When I want to leave there is something that triggers inside me and I can’t walk away.

Like magnetism I’m drawn to you.

Your eyes dark and drawn, there’s something I just can’t make sense of.

It’s this addiction that’s driving me insane.

I depend in it.

Thrive on it.

Crave it.

Need it….

Need you.

The influential grasp you hold on me is frightening.

The ache to be so far away and the swelling to be with you.

A melancholy feeling.

A love that’s dragging me down.

Nothing else compares.

I’m raw.



You take me in and craddle me in your warmth.

Reassure me everything will be ok.

This too shall pass.

Black birds scarcely flying by.



A new start.


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