Space in Jupiter



A windy dark night.

Start the engine and take off.

The transmitting radio waves just trun to white noise to block everything else out.

Speeding down the road all you see is red, white, and brighter red.

If you stare long enough, eventually things start to lose their shape and others just blur together.

Street lights above zoom by like they are running away from you as opposed to you traveling past them.

A green sign that tells me I’m close.

What if everything just vaporized into thin air?

Traveling straight past Jupiter to Saturn.

Maybe even Uranus or Neptune.

Leaving this atmosphere and going farther into space.

Leaving Jupiter and getting farther and farther away from the pasts and things that hold your gravity.

Jumping from star to star and riding upon every wish.

Lies no longer the oxygen you breathe but the freedom of taking off that helmet.

Nothing to hold you back, just the vastness of space.

Find your own alien, your unique being.

Discover not only other life but the life and fight within yourself.

The ball of burning fire in your stars and soul.

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