A day of white.

Bright as the sun.

It seems to glitter in the clear crisp air.

Finding that warmth is her only care.

White are the lies she’s been told.

Her life once overlayed in gold.

Yet, he sold his life to the devil she was told.

All in white, the veil she’s underneath shades her from the light.

Purity they call it.

Darkness disguised as white, it’s all bullshit.

Purged from the nastiness.

Nothing but white.

People as dark as night but souls cleansed until white.

Blue irises, the only things to stand out and make a difference.

White walls and white thoughts.

An endless sea.

Nothing more, white all you can see.

Nothing less than the small hope she does yet possess.

White lips.

White face.

White fingertips.

Crumpled white dress.

Wait… this is a mess.

White teeth.

White foam fizzing out.

Blue now rolled back and turned white.

Now this pure




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