Find Me in the Stars




Humid summer air.

A soft breeze ruffles my blonde hair.

A lonely night walk I look up to the dark skies and notice all the stars out tonight.

To think I haven’t seen them in a long while.

Their twinkling lights only appearing on what seems like special occasions.

The neighborhood is quiet and motionless this somber evening.

No one milling about.

No dogs yapping.

And for once no neighbors to hear scream and shout.

To think you aren’t that far away.

I could look up at the stars all night and just dream.

I swear they are shining down on me showing me the way to you.

And I wonder if you are seeing them too.

What do you think about?

I know what you tell me.

The usual compliment and I really appreciate it but what do you really want to say?

Is there more?

Do you notice the little things like I do?

How do you think of me?

The stars show me all these meanings and yet I can’t connect the dots.

For even Orions belt is too far away.

You don’t know this now but there are some things that need to be said.

But if I fall and hurt myself would you fix me?

If I lost myself would you know how to find me?

Would you look upon the horizon or out into the sea?

Or maybe the stars or the bright moon that hangs above you constantly?

Would you run?

Do you know where to find me even if I lose myself?

Search for me and tell me where you would look.

Because my heart is lost and its a precious thing of mine that you took.

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