Run Away



7496116-208-k999227I know I’m a burden.

I know I cause trouble.

I know I’ve made mistakes and hurt people.

But for me, the pain I’ve caused others is double.

There’s a constant need to succeed and reach out.

Like the love I possess is too hard to count.

What’s your favorite color of the alphabet on a scale of one to ten?

Mine is my bestfriend.

I know you don’t understand and may think I’m writing nonsense.

But to me it makes perfect sense.

The look in their eyes.

The feeling in their hearts.

The tingles down their spines.

In this love story, that’s where it all starts.

Mind over matter.

With burdens all scattered.

I give you my hand.

I’ll close my eyes and let you lead the way.

Let’s run.

Run far away.

To a place beyond the horizon.

A place unseen and away from peering eyes.

Judgmental thoughts and loud cries.

Smother me in kisses.

Drown me in love.

Let’s fall down into that darker place and give each other that little shove.

And together we can finally be in peace in that heaven up above.

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