Their throat is an opened buried place.

A smooth tongue they will use.

There is nothing trustworthy in their mouth.6095360-208-k463783

Yet you want approval to surround you.

My very bones have been disturbed.Standing in front of a stampede of emotions

My soul in yearning.

My heart aching.

My tears make my divan overflow.

My pillow in the early hours of the morning soaking wet.

Salty and damp.

Elephants; grief.

Zebras; anger.

Gazelles; sorrow.

Rhinoceros; fierceness.

Giraffes; shame.

Hooves coming crashing down on the moist dirt.

Trample me and push me down into the earth.



Emotions shoved into the ground forever lost.

The animal inside me clawing its self out.

Cage it or let it run free?

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