Bare Rain

It’s raining outside as I walk in silence. The rain is pouring down on my head. It rolled down my arms and dripped off my fingertips. It falls on my head and soaks into my soft blonde hair making it heavy. It rolled down my little nose and plopped onto my lips as I taste its fresh pureness. Thoughts and promises whirling through my mind as my ear buds blast an5673992-208-k929242d Imagine Dragons sing to me. As I get home I stripped myself and let my damp clothes fall off my frail body and onto the floor. All I want to do is get in my un-made bed under the covers and sleep some more. Maybe I’ll wake up and things will be good again. Instead I stand there dripping as goose bumps form on my bare tiny body. My knees buckle like they used to do, but now I don’t have someone to catch me. I just fall to the floor with my face in my hands. Until next time…

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