Bodily Words

I wear the words I write.

Hidden under a veil and sheath from reality.

Not much impact but a small significance in me.

A few words scripted on my body,

They mean so much.

As the day wears on and the sun inches from over head and back unit the ground the words fade.

Everything eventually fades.

Where they fade to is all based on what we believe…

They fade into the skin.

Into my blood stream and circulate through the body.

It’s a part of me.

A never ending cycle.

It may not be spoken aloud but inside my body the words ring sound and clear.

They echo from top to bottom.

Fingertip to fingertip.

Little toe to big toe.

Heart to brain…




Which one will keep those words safe?

Is it even safe?

Am I sane?

I bleed those words.

They fall wet from my eyes and run down my cheeks creating salty streaks.

Freedom of speech.

It’s not free if a few words can cost so much.

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