5980084-208-k921370Sea of black.

Gold glittering here and there.

Chasing the flicker,

Grasping nothing but air.

Empty handed she walks away with nothing.

The mind can play tricks,

It’s not really there.

Hands slap together in desperation to grab onto something.

Pull back so as not to grab the wrong thing.

It’s red, hot, and glittering, yet you are mistaken.

Too late from the smoldering flame, hands burning and shaking.

Scars run up and down arms; a reminder.

A story.

A fate.

A destiny.

A nightmare.

A haunting.

A loss…

Hope lost and there’s a small spark.

Turn around just in time to see the glittering mark.

Shining from afar.

Don’t run too fast it will brighten up your scar.

Yet lighten the scar and fade the mark.

Not too much longer and you won’t be in the dark.

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