White Sheets

White Sheets.

Tangled between our legs.

She lays her freezing hands on him. He mumbles can you wake me later?

She runs her fingertips from his neck to his chest.

A brisk breeze rustling through the cracked shutter.

She gets up as the daylight bathes her delicate little body.

The rays of sunlight tangling up her body like the now half empty sheets behind her.

The cool chill just prickling her scrunched up face.

22460569-208-k342853A deep breath as she inhales the briskness.

Picking up his shirt off the walnut colored finished wood of the corner reading chair,

She pulls it over her nude dainty shoulders and buttons it up.

The hem barely exposing the cresent moons under her tiny tushy.

Shuffling her sock covered size sixes on the wood floor she slides over to the stove.

The scent of chai tea latte brewing blows through the apartment along with the Autumn wind.


She wipes the sleep from her eyes.

Steam rising from the pot.

The warm rush of milky beige liquid into two white porcelain cups,

One in each hand,

Doddering over to the sleeping figure in the sea of messy white sheets.

He stirs as the aroma of chai reaches his nose.

With a stretch and a sigh he sits up to see his love.

A small smile spreads to his lips as he takes in the view,

His oversized shirt hanging on her small body with her bare legs and tousled blonde hair.

In a swift motion his legs swing over the side of the bed.

Walking over to his dearest, he wraps his arm around her while taking his cups and leads her to the corner chair.

The plush red reading chair with walnut colored finished woods next to the window.

Sitting down he pulls her body to him and snuggles her close.

The gentle wind chilling their bones, making them cuddle closer.

Sharing tea and the beauty of Autumn.

Crinkled white in the background.

Simplicity in essence in the foreground.

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