Busy Mind

Sweet sugary words taste lovely to my ears

But it’s not ever being in love is my fear.

There’s lies in smiles

and truth in words.

I just want my life to be worthwhile.3ddca9a73bbb9e5b9760aae63c9e6b5f

But I’m thinking about it again.

And theres’s no knight in shining armor to save me from these dark thoughts.

Death just seems like such a beautiful option.

Save me and help me fight off these fire breathing demons of mine

Bring me into the light and away from ending it all.



ca75afcc6876a85eb476b0c49019dd5bKnowing that you can die instantly is such a beautiful thing

I don’t want to die

I just want something to kill me

The wages sin pays is death

And I just can’t keep up with this

I can’t be perfect

Sometimes I just think it’s easier…

If I wasn’t here and didn’t have to live through this,

Wake me up when everything is better.4be61d85e9cc9214d26acc934b33e46a


The love of light4123c95c4123c18e697d6dc813afbef6
Driving down the highway,

Street lights hovering above like little hazes of hope.

Flying by red glares,

The light leading me off to another place

keeping me in a distracted daze.

His intellect is my light bulb.

His skepticism my blinding light.

Forcing me under the lamp tied down for questioning.

“Some minds are better kept apart”

But darling please don’t touch my heart.

Everything in my head like red and blue flashers chasing me down the pavement.

Do what’s right…


Be a good girl…


Don’t screw up…


Don’t complicate things…


It’s too much brightness.

The wind strong,8b3742aec01b85373974d1390630a19b

The lights swaying before me,

A quick, hard spin of the wheel,

and the last thing I feel

is the crunch of metal into a concrete median

and a light bringing me into oblivion.



You sit me down and say you have a song for me.

You take your place at the bench and play me a sweet symphony.

Fingers pressing the keys and radiating out of the piano is a beautiful harmony.

On the soft carpet, I lay at your feet listening to your heart play every beat for me.

A soft smile spreads on my lips as I watch you play with your fingertips.

Never did I know that you could make such a sound. cfa9945070e1fbed77e4f9d74d6460e1

I love your music that you play aloud.

I look at you with dreamy eyes and sigh.

You in turn close your eyes and play for me.

It’s such a beautiful symphony.

After your sweet song, I sneak up behind you and kiss your neck.

I hear your slight sigh as you take your hands off the keys and kiss me back.

A warm song to keep my heart strong.

I lay back down on the floor and listen as you play my sweet song.


Each person is master of their own death

and all that we can do when the time comes is to help them die without fear of pain.

Laying on the table waiting to die.





I’m staying.

But if you have a gun, then shoot it.

Cupid take my heart and lead it away from here.

My body will die but my heart will live on.

End it now if you’d like.

Or live on in desperation of something more.

Is your time near?

There was no innocence more dangerous than the innocence of age.

your own story

We each write our own story.

We choose to continue it or take a break.

Pick up the pen and press it onto the paper to write our life.

7047a7b94640f3a495743e4b5735cbcdWe can rewrite what has happened in the past but the words will always be the same.

Once the words are written you can’t erase them.

It’s in ink.

Not pencil.

The only thing we can do is rip the page out of the book and start over again.

The smudges still on our fingertips and hands.

Let someone else write your story?

Write it ourself?
It’s our choice to decide.

Slow Down


Red on the right.

White and yellow on the left.

Beaming over the early morning fog.


Coming and going.

Going the distance.

Going far away.

Have you ever noticed the highway is never clear?

It’s always moving…

like me.

Never stop moving.

If I steady,

I feel.

I stay just busy enough to distract myself.

Like the driver behind the wheel distracted by the road,

the traffic in front of him.

Gaining speed.

Don’t stop.

All that goes up, must come down.

Sooner of later, we all have to slow down.

But it’s crashing down.

We just need someone to slow us.

Stop the inertia.

So when I have to feel, there’s someone else with me.

Take my hand and slow me down.

Rushing and racing

And moving in circles.

The blur of the traffic distracts me.

Save me.

Moving so fast, still I can’t stop.

Don’t want to stop I’m forgetting my purpose.

Lead me

Show me

Take me down.

This is asking a lot.

I’m forgetting myself entirely.

Running on promises and expectations.

In the end, things only get worse.

But I speed up instead of slowing down.


Taking over my fear and pain.

Almost hopeless.

Grasp my hand and bring me down



With you.

I Do

A promise.

Kneeling on his knee, eyes to his beauty.

That one important question can change her whole reality.

White blankets her surroundings.

Out of a sea of purity something stands out,

Her black sheep.



And waiting on her every motion.

Two words change her lifetime.

A gold circle slipped onto her hand.28d39ed28e93cabd01c765064b8269fa

A kiss of an eternal bond.

Lasting and long-suffering.

Cheers of merriment and sweet music played a loud.

A first dance together, it’s only them when everyone else is in a cloud.

A blur.

It’s only the two of them in this world.

Swaying to the beat,

His hands on her waist.

She slings her arms around his neck and they dance together in the most precious embrace.

Her train following behind her,

Her love and mate at her side,

Partners in crime.

He says I love you and his eyes go wide.

A simple act that means so much.

Hand and hand they now leave as Mr. and Mrs.

The beginning of something great.

A time of forever.

Only the future awaits.

Together forevermore,

Just them two.

As the words he said keep replaying in her mind…