Popsicles and Pages

Queen bed with downy sheets.

Silence of turning pages and faint slurps.

In her big t-shirt and little pink shorts, she flips the pages of her book.

He plays footsie with her cold toes under the chilled linen.

The novel in front of her materializes in her mind with each new paragraph.

As she contemplates the authors words, her tongue licks the blue popsicle that’s poised in her hand. jap2

Her little tongue flicks as her crystal eyes focus on the white pages in front of her.

It brings him tranquility when he looks over now and again from slurping up his own purple popsicle.





A giggle escapes his purple stained lips as he watches her struggle over turning a page while the blue dye melts down the wood popsicle stick and on to her now sticky fingers.

Sucking her finger tips in the most tantalizing way to rid her of the blue syrupy evidence, he tries to distract her from her nightly reading.

Finally with the pages put to rest and the popsicle sticks on the bedside table.

The simple serenity of a concentrated silent night bring both him and her childish bliss.

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