Abstract Art


This is not my own writing, but I stumbled upon this poem and had to share it. It’s so raw and organic that the author really gets a great point across. I do not know the authors name to give him/her their own due credit but this poem is pure artistry.


Slightly graphic (PG-13)


The stress just builds and builds

Like some pressure cooker left

Unattended by a drunken cook.

I sit staring at this screen with

A thousand thoughts running through

This cluttered volatile mind.


As I sit here surrounded by

Reminders of just how completely

****ed my life has become,

I only try to subdue my demons

in a futile attempt to feel “normal”.

The problem is I’ve never known normal.


Time and time again, I give in

To my unrelenting demons:

Sex, drugs, alcohol and hate.

Sometimes they bring relief.

But usually it is just more misery

And I just can’t take anymore.


I stumble up the stairs to the bathroom.

Once there, I stare into the mirror

And see desperation and pain,

malice and regret staring back.

This cycle can not continue.


I take out my phone and begin recording.

I leave this pathetic world one last

middle finger in the face as I

stick the barrel in my mouth

and paint the wall behind me

with frustration and honesty.


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