I Do

A promise.

Kneeling on his knee, eyes to his beauty.

That one important question can change her whole reality.

White blankets her surroundings.

Out of a sea of purity something stands out,

Her black sheep.



And waiting on her every motion.

Two words change her lifetime.

A gold circle slipped onto her hand.28d39ed28e93cabd01c765064b8269fa

A kiss of an eternal bond.

Lasting and long-suffering.

Cheers of merriment and sweet music played a loud.

A first dance together, it’s only them when everyone else is in a cloud.

A blur.

It’s only the two of them in this world.

Swaying to the beat,

His hands on her waist.

She slings her arms around his neck and they dance together in the most precious embrace.

Her train following behind her,

Her love and mate at her side,

Partners in crime.

He says I love you and his eyes go wide.

A simple act that means so much.

Hand and hand they now leave as Mr. and Mrs.

The beginning of something great.

A time of forever.

Only the future awaits.

Together forevermore,

Just them two.

As the words he said keep replaying in her mind…


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