You sit me down and say you have a song for me.

You take your place at the bench and play me a sweet symphony.

Fingers pressing the keys and radiating out of the piano is a beautiful harmony.

On the soft carpet, I lay at your feet listening to your heart play every beat for me.

A soft smile spreads on my lips as I watch you play with your fingertips.

Never did I know that you could make such a sound. cfa9945070e1fbed77e4f9d74d6460e1

I love your music that you play aloud.

I look at you with dreamy eyes and sigh.

You in turn close your eyes and play for me.

It’s such a beautiful symphony.

After your sweet song, I sneak up behind you and kiss your neck.

I hear your slight sigh as you take your hands off the keys and kiss me back.

A warm song to keep my heart strong.

I lay back down on the floor and listen as you play my sweet song.

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