Slow Down


Red on the right.

White and yellow on the left.

Beaming over the early morning fog.


Coming and going.

Going the distance.

Going far away.

Have you ever noticed the highway is never clear?

It’s always moving…

like me.

Never stop moving.

If I steady,

I feel.

I stay just busy enough to distract myself.

Like the driver behind the wheel distracted by the road,

the traffic in front of him.

Gaining speed.

Don’t stop.

All that goes up, must come down.

Sooner of later, we all have to slow down.

But it’s crashing down.

We just need someone to slow us.

Stop the inertia.

So when I have to feel, there’s someone else with me.

Take my hand and slow me down.

Rushing and racing

And moving in circles.

The blur of the traffic distracts me.

Save me.

Moving so fast, still I can’t stop.

Don’t want to stop I’m forgetting my purpose.

Lead me

Show me

Take me down.

This is asking a lot.

I’m forgetting myself entirely.

Running on promises and expectations.

In the end, things only get worse.

But I speed up instead of slowing down.


Taking over my fear and pain.

Almost hopeless.

Grasp my hand and bring me down



With you.

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