The love of light4123c95c4123c18e697d6dc813afbef6
Driving down the highway,

Street lights hovering above like little hazes of hope.

Flying by red glares,

The light leading me off to another place

keeping me in a distracted daze.

His intellect is my light bulb.

His skepticism my blinding light.

Forcing me under the lamp tied down for questioning.

“Some minds are better kept apart”

But darling please don’t touch my heart.

Everything in my head like red and blue flashers chasing me down the pavement.

Do what’s right…


Be a good girl…


Don’t screw up…


Don’t complicate things…


It’s too much brightness.

The wind strong,8b3742aec01b85373974d1390630a19b

The lights swaying before me,

A quick, hard spin of the wheel,

and the last thing I feel

is the crunch of metal into a concrete median

and a light bringing me into oblivion.


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