No air

Elephant standing on my chest

My lungs trying to expand but my rib cage is pressing against them

28fcc1452c5a0d27fc8b5250b9ff379eGasps for breath

I can’t get enough oxygen

Hyperventilating, scared I won’t ever take another breath

Clawing for air

My heart hammering in my chest

The only thing I can feel


Pop it open

Twist it off

Straight to my liver.

Swapping tongues

Chapped lips1fe35d12f7e24fe1c403519daae29e3e

Skin on skin

Walking through life eager for affection

There never really was a connection.

This is what happens when you settle.

When you put aside who you really are for some instant gratification.

Taking things into your own hands and walking ahead those steps on your own

Rupturing the plan that’s laid out for you.

The toxicity slowly burning from the inside out.


Looking for a remedy.

Dark Holes

It pains me to know how many times you vanish inside those dark endless holes

I wish I could show you some light so you wouldn’t disappear

344e299fc5684b149759ae4d18ac78deSuffering in agony

Creating your own torture

It doesn’t have to be this way

My hand is always outstretched and I’m waiting for you to grab on

Throw away the pride and lean on me

I may be small but I can take on a lot

I’ve peeked into that hole

Crawled my own way out through faith and trust

Crack open the book instead of that sliding glass door

I’ll be here when you want to look for that light to pull you back through


We are stars.

When we were young, we were told so.

They dazzle and twinkle from far away places.ca1331edc54ee5ef8e27df990e0c5d22

They can be seen from millions of miles away.

A giant ball of energy, gas, and powerful light…

But the thing with stars is,

they eventually burn themselves to death.

Fires don’t need physical contact to start,

just bend the light the right way and refract it.

The built up energy will cause us to implode bringing



and eventually a black hole of darkness.

A suicidal super nova.

Refract it the right way and there’s an opportunity to change.

Our twinkle and shine will last a little longer as long as the energy can be radiated outward, instead of inside.



Forever shining bright.