Vast bright colors…

Pluck me out,

I don’t belong.

Blemished and fallacious.

Let me float to the ground.4b948e8e84b77587d2a224cdb3dacf00

Something light to land heavily with a thud.

Blow me away and watch me soar, carried by the wind.

Migrating and finding some place more suitable.

But can one lone feather become wings for something so pitiful?

You are the light

When we were little we were all scared of the dark.

Scared of what’s under the bed, in the closet, or around the dark corner.

Well that fear never subsides…

It follows you around like a shadow haunting you and never leaving your side.

But its when we leave that darkness and finally round that corner that the light appears.

Casting a glow around us and basking us in its rays.

We no longer need to hide in fear because we can finally see that what’s in the dark isn’t real.

What’s in the light is…