Blow out the candles

ef68ee62ed0e0eeb19ca5da8afd621a5Candles lit on a drooping cake
Pink frosting melting off the sides
A candle lit
Make a wish
But what if you have everything you asked for?
Then wish that nothing ever changes
Wish that that candle stays lit and you never have to use that wish for something better


92474b0f9e78848073a67871a49af3f3A name used to make me smile
Make me giddy
Make my heart flutter
Now rarely used
When I hear those names I end up tasting salty water as it drips down my cheeks and onto my lips
Melancholy bitter sadness wells up in my beating heart
It threatens to stop
But those small moments make everything else worth it


Like photosynthesis

PicsArt_1450384733152Sitting in the sun sitting up

In a spray-painted blue chair on a green deck

Absorbing the rays as thoughts try to crowd their way in

Their beauty is pathetic

The rays burning bright white behind my closed eye lids

This life is synthetic

shoot out

Thundering heart
Waiting for a response
Like a monkey in my heart rattling it’s cage
Screaming out
With one foot in the shower and the other one in the grave
Where to standd08d84a65dc09a5d559cfbc9d02eb06d
Your words an electromagnetic wave
Shocking me into submission
In the barrel of the gun waits the ammunition
Shoot it
Take me out
A concupiscence mission

Insured heart

Assurance is like insurance

A hug insures protection

A kiss insures affection

A name insures possession

And those butterflies you give us insure divine perfection

But our purpose in this world is not enough to insure us that we will survive

Insurance is to help us feel ok about what will happen

If we ever have something stolen from us

Get injuredd2edd3e9fb7de546ce4ff5051dd9945b

Or pass away

But I guess I didn’t have enough to cover the heart that was stolen from me

Broken in half

And how I died when you left