Your eyes are like a sparkle45e654ce84a741d49a7ad55fac63fc50

They flicker in me

Burning me up

My heart a flame

Your drunken faded lips

Singeing my soul

The taste of ash oddly satisfying

Inhale me

Let me be your high

Stir my fire

Don’t let my embers go out

Take it slow

Feel my flame


Socks washed

Going in dirty through cycles

Coming out clean

Many are put in the dryer

But few come out

Eaten by a dry tumbling mouth of heat

The only evidence left is that of a full lint tray

Missing it’s true pair and partner911840b79d3a41199421f7d71af41051

What is the right supposed to do without the left?

How can you fold their ends together and put them in the drawer without the other side?

We are like socks

Some never come out of the dark hole of tumbling intensity

Lost without your other side

You’re incomplete

The only thing left of you is a dark lint tray of all your pieces

Waiting for plans

She keeps a skinny waist

A pretty face

Golden hair

And a drawer of lace

Just waiting for someone to appreciate her

Trying to stay true to herself

While waiting for someone to accept her

She’s in love with the words on a page

Just waiting to write her own

Stains washed clean

Working on patience

Learning humility

Plagued with anxiety

Learning to trust

Trust there’s a plan for her…


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