New Flavor

I dare you

We made our own taste

Packets and packets stocking up

I couldn’t try it all

The end came and I held on

Savoring our flavor for as long as I could

But now things are different and I can no longer bear the taste

Now a completely different flavor I try because the old has been erased

I Refuse to Write About You

c8edec1043ec74a65f43bb427c140ee9I refuse to write about you

No more late night scrawled out pages

No more angry and hurt letters addressed and never sent

Still attached to the binding they will stay

The writing just words that I wanted to say

Staring up at the dark ceiling in bed is where I lay

With no one to ask, “are you ok?”

Close my eyes and dream of a better day

Different bookbeebd78fa21c3cf13bdb80035ce8edb8

No trace of you

Fresh pages that are new

I refuse to write about you

So now I will finally bid you adieu


Now Stranger Passing

Darkness and despair follow her9b3127939226b26759c536bf5be745a6

Yet she still looks up and smiles

Sending a civil smirk your way

But you put your head down and pass by today, continuing with your day

She’s not there

Easy to dismiss

Funny because a little while ago you told her you care

So now she puts her head down until she passes

Lifts her chin and puts her shoulders back

Waiting until this empty and used feeling bypasses