Unfolding through open eyes, a globed

Explosion reproducing- brilliant

fetus enveloped in extending electric cloth.


Unfolding implosive origination, its interior

substance contorts, pulling, reeling

in to maintain osmosis as cluster

lights in the dark- stretching galaxies

streamline luminous textile.


The sun, smiles into unopened flesh in warm blushing orange flashes.

Harmonious light kicks inside, bouncing off etheric mists, aerial sieves

condense waves into droplets nourishing spring. Moist green skin

breathes beneath naked feet of a rounded mother-to-be.


The fetus, a crescent

moon, tucked into itself

reveals a silhouette thin light spilling

in the obscured pulsating black.


The womb holds the light of unopened eyes,

which melts through indivisible cells into melodic

nourishing stretching ligaments. Cocooned

inside red cotton, multiplying red pearls grow pounding in the viscous.


Born, flesh then beholds light, with open eyes, lit: shaded hazes, cold

yellows, and warm blues in etheric foams reflect the rotund sky. The

infinite unfolding proportional to the voyager’s crusade. A newborn

efforts movement, standing through his reflected.

Learned only within the invisible elusive memory. Unfolding glossy

firmament, the film of the eye, the opening of the mind, reveals an

unfolding dream. The mind imagines through translucent lenses.

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