Sipping From Your Lips

When I take a sip from your lips it’s like sipping a sweet poisonae3fca72844db4ebc48647263986af8f

It feels delightful and clouds my judgement

But it’s slowly killing me

The only antidote…

Keep sipping the poison

Constantly ingesting a little here and there

Or I’ll surely die

My Black Skinny Jeans

They say if you stop looking for it, it will appear when you need it

The problem is, today, we want instant gratification

We are all blinded to what we actually need by what our ideals and dreams are

What we think we want

It’s like, you go looking for black skinny jeans and you can’t find them anywheref1661ea533c64d21e629223875f86d41

Because you want them

You don’t actually need them

But everyone has a pair and they are wearing them all the time

Almost flaunting it in front of you

So I stopped looking

Got comfortable without having a pair

Then, when I forgot about them…

You appeared…

My black skinny jeans


Secret Safe Wall

On the worst of possible daysb83622511249116ec8bf3a261a380b9e

My childhood allĀ over again

Hatred surrounding me

Not my fault but it’s my blood

Wishing things could of gone a different way

cbbf7caf14452549951e649d72383773I want to run to my haven

My safe wall where all my problems used to disappear

You didn’t have to say anything and I’d be happy just being there

There could be silence

For a few brief moments everything would be alright

I’d be reassured that I’d be ok

A distraction from reality

A secret place

I want to lean up against there now

Sit in the debris and just feel the cool dampness radiate through the back of my shirt

But it won’t be the same and you know why