She Was as Thin as Paper

c8b079625e8d73bcd093e82ad1a5bc3cA precious document

All perfectly inked in black

She’s framed and put up on a wall for display

That is until someone took her down to read her words and pages

Putting her words to heart

Her reader was deeply moved

Selfishly he threw away her frame and kept her in his pocket so he could take her out and read her whenever he wanted

But being in his pocket put so much wear and tear on her edges

They became frayed

They were ripped

She became discolored and her ink smeared

Eventually her words began to fade away

Being folded up and reopened

Being handled by unprotected hands

She started to disintegrate

Unable to read her anymore

He ripped her in half and threw her away

Discarded amongst the other trash

Now worthless

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