For Her Own Good

She walks to the sea

She know’s he’s near by

She swims out until she can no longer stand

Gasping for breath

He swims out to save her

Relief he’s here

Her Superman

He takes her in his arms

Helping her catch her breath

She gains her composure and bobs above the water with him

He’s her floatation device

He whispers trust me6c83c4993a48df61413aaabdaf852908

With innocence in her eyes

She nods yes while looking into the depths of his soul

He takes her down

She’s slowly running out of oxygen

But she trusts him

He’s holding her down

He starts to swim to the surface

But he won’t let her come up with him

He holds her under

He mouths for her to breathe

Suck in the ocean water c18eafdd18489d543ff3e8086ceb95ad

Trust him

He’s drowning her

… for her own good


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