Bleeding Words for You

I was scared to write1fd6abb800fdfe3c1497828f50e7e03a

I didn’t want you taking up anymore of my pages

But in my emotional stupor your memories are scrawled between my lines

Your words are inked permanently into my clouded paper

Your images are etched into the indents of my written sentences

Our story is told a million times over on paper bound up and hidden from a prying eye

Our past


and future

Jotted down and told in lives

Recorded in different perspectives and angles28b60905b83aae75be2c7fbdeedee69c

But you’ll never know the stories I’ve written for you

The tales you are meant to read

The meaning behind the words that my pen bleed

Ticking Away

Laying in your arms looking up at you

I can only smile

You are in a better place in your dreams

Every twitch you pull me closer

Every small whimper you nuzzle into me

Even with your eyes closed I can still see the look you give me

Sometimes I can’t decipher it but nonetheless I know those eyes

Gazing at your face in your peaceful slumber I push away the time clock that seems to linger nearby

Ticking away secondsa8da4ed2bfb1623fd6186621d63d78a6




Until I’ll no longer be in those arms of yours

So here I lay

With you close to me

Until it is time for you to draw away

And our time is up

You go your separate way