Broken Promises

She scanned the audiences
The floating black heads on the opposite end of the stage that applaud vivaciously
Each night she wiped away the remains of her face
As she looked in the mirror
Off the red lipstick
Off the blush and foundation
Unclasp the earrings
The bobby pins laid on the floor as her hair sprayed hair falls crimped and stiff on her shoulders
The one thing she asks on those that she thinks cares is their support
Her love for the art she wants to pass on
But they never show
Promises of a front row seat and best wishes
But once again she performs to a dark blank audience

You never showed…


9e33aea4a0419e4b36e4eafa41f14eadA cancerous wound
Spread all through my body
I’m trying to heal myself
Stitch up each side
Inch by inch
But just when it starts to scab over…
It cracks open again
You want to keep cleaning it out
Pouring hydrogen peroxide over it
Again and again
Festering and oozing
It’ll never heal if you keep opening back up again
Let me scab
Let me scar
Let me heal

She Wolf

She was a little pup
That grew into a wolf
An alpha female
That learned to bare her teeth when she smiles
She no longer cowers and runs to her den
She raises her hair and stands her ground
Growling at the given threats
Howling to the dark skies above
She’s ready to walk alone if she needs to
Her own alpha will come to her one day
He won’t try to tame her
He will run beside her
Their own wolf pack