Learning to Drive

Fingers wrapped around the stick shift, he grabbed my fingers and interlaced them with mine
on top of the hard ball at the top of the stick.
Listen to the car and feel
the vibration as it pushes and pulls you.
You’ll know when to give it up
And switch the gear…

Beware of Writers

Beware of writers. We don’t ask your permission, we just put pen to paper
tips to keyboards and
scribbles to scraps lying around.
We tell the truth- We lie- We exaggerate- We expose- We bury
No matter what you say can be used in a “court of paper”
It can be published for all the world to see.
Your every flaw can be turned into mountains of disgust or
your every perfect quality admired can be turned into something angelic and worshipped.
Watch what you say and do around a writer because
every snippet of your personality can become a reality on a page that you either want to frame or
burn until the wind scatters the ashes far from the readers eye.
We aim to please and to infuriate- We aim to bring awareness and cry out- We aim to expose and exemplify- We aim for someone to click or turn the page-We aim for you

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Tea Mornings

“Baby wake up”
“If you wake up I’ll make you breakfast”
and finally a little stir. A grunt and a stretch and a wipe of the eyes,
I get a squint and a half smile that seems to echo the words of good morning without actually saying them. I kiss his cheek
in an effort to not disturb him too much,
give him the opportunity to stretch and yawn himself awake. “What
do you want for breakfast?” “Coffee or tea?”
A sly grin and that little hype in his voice I get “tea” for an answer and it’s in these moments
that I feel the warmth in my heart. As I shuffle off to make tea in a cup of my choosing
a few yawns and some whiffs of the brewing chai, I make
my way back to a white sheeted bed and the man of my dreams curled up in my sheets still half asleep. Taking in
the postcard in front of me
I dodder up to the bed “can you still up for me please?” and I present the steaming mug on top of his chest and into his capable hands.
Curled up next to him with a complimentary mug of my own, I get to
bask in the simplicty of a cup of tea in a bed with the right person and sun streaming through the slant of closed blinds and fluffy bed sheets.

Tater Tot Toes

I was freezing and my toes turned into frozen tater tots. I remember
nuzzling up to his furnace of a body telling him
in a whimper “I’m cold.”
No shirt, clean shaved chest
and sleepy, benevolent voice he told me “then put your feet under me love” as he adjusted his legs
to overlap my tiny toned calves. I never expected this answer. I seemed to wiggle my narrow size sixes into the fur of his muscular legs
as I tried not to shiver.
But as my teeth clattered and I continued to tremble, he told me to put on a shirt. I settled
into picking out my favorite, soft pajama pants that he chuckled at and
curled up into him and his arms
to use him as my own human shirt and protection from the rooms shadows to engulf us in dream world.