Beware of Writers

Beware of writers. We don’t ask your permission, we just put pen to paper
tips to keyboards and
scribbles to scraps lying around.
We tell the truth- We lie- We exaggerate- We expose- We bury
No matter what you say can be used in a “court of paper”
It can be published for all the world to see.
Your every flaw can be turned into mountains of disgust or
your every perfect quality admired can be turned into something angelic and worshipped.
Watch what you say and do around a writer because
every snippet of your personality can become a reality on a page that you either want to frame or
burn until the wind scatters the ashes far from the readers eye.
We aim to please and to infuriate- We aim to bring awareness and cry out- We aim to expose and exemplify- We aim for someone to click or turn the page-We aim for you

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