Tater Tot Toes

I was freezing and my toes turned into frozen tater tots. I remember
nuzzling up to his furnace of a body telling him
in a whimper “I’m cold.”
No shirt, clean shaved chest
and sleepy, benevolent voice he told me “then put your feet under me love” as he adjusted his legs
to overlap my tiny toned calves. I never expected this answer. I seemed to wiggle my narrow size sixes into the fur of his muscular legs
as I tried not to shiver.
But as my teeth clattered and I continued to tremble, he told me to put on a shirt. I settled
into picking out my favorite, soft pajama pants that he chuckled at and
curled up into him and his arms
to use him as my own human shirt and protection from the rooms shadows to engulf us in dream world.

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