Good Consideration

She will sell houses to happy
couples to new
families to first
beginnings. She studies to make others
happy and help them start their own
lives. She will accept valuable consideration in her
contracts. In the meeting of minds she will have sellers and
buyers sign on the dotted line. But what she really yearns for is
good consideration. A promise that can’t be measured in terms
of counted money. Much rather, love and affection. Not just anyone can
sign on her dotted line. She gave the pen to him and he started
with the first few curves in the first letters of his name. The pen is still laying on the desk, the line is partially written on. She just needs the payment.

We Built a Home

If it wasn’t for her, this house would probably rot;
this house that has been made into a home. A home
that has been abandoned by you. Abandoned
arms that have been left open, the pillows falling
apart at the seams. We laughed and bickered that there
are too many pillows. But yet, there was no enough comfort to keep
you here. No amount of pictures to suffice the happy memories that you
have wanted to erase and leave behind. No amount of writing kept in
to revisit past conversations that mean worlds to her.
She lights up the rooms with “twinkles” just to keep the darkness
out of her head and light the way home to her.
She sprays the air with the scents that bring you home to her nose and keep you in her flashbacks of true time.
This home is rotting and you have the hammer and nails to fix it. There are holes in the ground
of her heart. There are rips in the
pieces of her soul. This house, this home
can still be a home. Will you come
home to her or will you
abandon this house we built with our hands and our hearts in the foundation?

Don’t Be True

I swear this is all a nightmare.
I know what I’ve seen and experienced and none of it adds up.
I keep hearing all these things and I want to deny all of it.
It’s a sham, it’s rumors, it’s lies.
Let’s just sweep it under the rug because that’s not the person I know.
I can’t take this reality that keeps coming crashing down on me.
It’s not fair.
I want to wake up in the morning and it all be back to normal.
All of it should be a lie.
All of it can’t be true.
Please don’t be true.
Don’t be true.
Be true to me.