He couldn’t lose her again

So he had to let her go

He had to shut off all his emotions and build

a wall around himself again

No one could ever touch him like she could
He never planned out his life with anyone else before
He knew that the pain

would be temporary

Fate had a funny way of always bringing

her back to him

One way or another
He left her

with one last kiss

He could taste the salt of her tears

on her lips as she hung on and clasped

his face in both of her little hands
That was all she asked for last

as he sped away he hated

himself for leaving her there

in her little car with her face on the steering wheel sobbing
The mascara that has stained his shirts many times
now only staining her pants as it rolled

down her cheeks and onto her own lap
He never wanted to cause her pain
It made him hurt deeply inside to know

that he was a part of her sorrow
But to hold on would slowly kill him again
He needed a clean break
until there was a chance again
A chance that fate will work it’s magic again

Will she be the same?

Will he?

Will there be a place in his heart once again?

Will she have to slowly break down his walls again?

Will there be someone else?

Will he accept her?

Will he want her as much as the last time?

Only time will tell, so he had to let her go…

for now.

Memory is a Curse

His curse was his impeccable memory
He used to hate how he couldn’t forget things
Memories and things people told him used to haunt him and make him bitter
He didn’t want to remember that painful detail
He didn’t want to remember that disgusting thing that hurt the people he cared about

But now…

She hopes that he will think of her on those days when he was supposed to remember
When he made promises the year before for the year to come
When the day comes and they aren’t together as promised
When a memory flickers past through a smell
A taste
A touch
A sound

A mind is a blessing and a curse
One that can bring together or pull apart
One that can make someone hurt or love
One that hopefully has the power to unite