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Hello world I am Mycaela Dion Everly A.K.A. ME I am an English Major, Photograph Minor, poet and author I used to be known as SamPrinceton on the publishing site WattPad But I am no longer hiding behind that name This is real This is me This is Mycaela Everly











Right before the street lights come on

This is my favorite time

The sun is almost gone and the sky looks like you can take a spoonful of it into your mouth and let it melt down your throat

Pairs of red in front

And no lights behind to blind you as you look back

Like a reminder to keep looking forward to the future and your destination

Foot to the floor on the accelerator

Don’t slow me down

Don’t tell me what to do

Faster faster faster

Into the darkness as the lights turn on behind me

Too much light

Racing them like they will consume me if I don’t speed up

Don’t let them get you

Beautiful Tragedy


My plan,

One of my missions,

Escape reality.

Music is one way out.

But that song…

Brings up too much.

I skip it everyday but today I let it play.

I have the option.

Sink or swim?

If I swim then I’m alone.

If I let myself sink then I’ll be accompanied by the silent shadows of the dark.

It’s darker down there.

Swimming to the shore will only bring problems.

I’ll have to watch other people be happy and live their lives.

People hugging,

People laughing,

People kissing,

People smiling.

I start to swim to the shore but I give up.

But I can’t hold my breath long enough to stay under and visit the darkness.

I can’t keep bobbing up and down.

So I’m making a permanent decision.

Open my mouth.

Let the water come in and fill my lungs to bring me under to the darkness.

It’s warm and welcoming down there.

The water engulfs me and my tears can’t be seen.

My screams are just a dull noise under the surface in the deep.

Lost in the waves above me.

No longer there.


No judging.

No trying.

No pain.

No need to breathe.

Here with my shadows and the pain.

Wallowing away.

It’s a beautiful tragedy.