They Are Not Your World

d771a8d2347820dbdec7b06de8cbbf51The one you love shouldn’t be your world
Otherwise you don’t own yourself and you live on them
On their terms and their rotations
Let them be your moon and stars
They match you perfectly and are always by your side
They are the atmosphere you breathe
They bring light to your dark skies
They control your tides and reel you in
They change your seasons and are there while you go through all your stages in life
Even when they are what seems like light years away
You can still see them and feel their gravitational pull to you
Like constellations they have their own special names
You point them out to everyone you meet
You talk about them and tell people how they appeared in your skies
You tell others which parts of them shine the brightest and how they illuminate every part of you
They complete you
They are the shining aspect in your life making you beautiful inside and out


Dream big
But don’t tell anyone your dreams
Reach for the stars
But don’t take one or pull them down
Learn things and take in knowledge
But don’t talk to others about what you learned
Strive for love
But don’t look for it
Get creative
But stay inside the lines
Feel the rain
But don’t catch a cold
Explore ideas
But play by the rules
Have your freedom
But we are watching every step you take and every turn you make
It’s ok to be emotional
But don’t let anyone see anything other than a smile
Let it all out
But suppress all the dark details
Be yourself
But not that side of yourself

Bleeding Words for You

I was scared to write1fd6abb800fdfe3c1497828f50e7e03a

I didn’t want you taking up anymore of my pages

But in my emotional stupor your memories are scrawled between my lines

Your words are inked permanently into my clouded paper

Your images are etched into the indents of my written sentences

Our story is told a million times over on paper bound up and hidden from a prying eye

Our past


and future

Jotted down and told in lives

Recorded in different perspectives and angles28b60905b83aae75be2c7fbdeedee69c

But you’ll never know the stories I’ve written for you

The tales you are meant to read

The meaning behind the words that my pen bleed

Ticking Away

Laying in your arms looking up at you

I can only smile

You are in a better place in your dreams

Every twitch you pull me closer

Every small whimper you nuzzle into me

Even with your eyes closed I can still see the look you give me

Sometimes I can’t decipher it but nonetheless I know those eyes

Gazing at your face in your peaceful slumber I push away the time clock that seems to linger nearby

Ticking away secondsa8da4ed2bfb1623fd6186621d63d78a6




Until I’ll no longer be in those arms of yours

So here I lay

With you close to me

Until it is time for you to draw away

And our time is up

You go your separate way


For Her Own Good

She walks to the sea

She know’s he’s near by

She swims out until she can no longer stand

Gasping for breath

He swims out to save her

Relief he’s here

Her Superman

He takes her in his arms

Helping her catch her breath

She gains her composure and bobs above the water with him

He’s her floatation device

He whispers trust me6c83c4993a48df61413aaabdaf852908

With innocence in her eyes

She nods yes while looking into the depths of his soul

He takes her down

She’s slowly running out of oxygen

But she trusts him

He’s holding her down

He starts to swim to the surface

But he won’t let her come up with him

He holds her under

He mouths for her to breathe

Suck in the ocean water c18eafdd18489d543ff3e8086ceb95ad

Trust him

He’s drowning her

… for her own good


She Was as Thin as Paper

c8b079625e8d73bcd093e82ad1a5bc3cA precious document

All perfectly inked in black

She’s framed and put up on a wall for display

That is until someone took her down to read her words and pages

Putting her words to heart

Her reader was deeply moved

Selfishly he threw away her frame and kept her in his pocket so he could take her out and read her whenever he wanted

But being in his pocket put so much wear and tear on her edges

They became frayed

They were ripped

She became discolored and her ink smeared

Eventually her words began to fade away

Being folded up and reopened

Being handled by unprotected hands

She started to disintegrate

Unable to read her anymore

He ripped her in half and threw her away

Discarded amongst the other trash

Now worthless

You Made Me Take a Separate Path

There are two paths in front of mecc38e2932ac7dadf283d1496e4504d4a
Two completely different
Both life changing
Take one side and you will walk with me
Hand in hand until the end of the road
The other side is lonely but I know that there are merging roads and paths along the way
Possibly you will be on one of those paths waiting for me as well
But it’s taking a chance
Either path is painful
With branches grabbing at my face and arms
Barefoot walking over sharp rocks
Either way is a completely different plan than my original purpose
Which pain to choose?
You could come and follow me down my path
But we both know that you want to go your separate way…

Exploding Time Bomb

6f6c132eb8fbd5cd457dd7cf1643a7d2A ticking time bomb

Every morning waking up disappointed that she didn’t detonate over night

Adding fuel to keep her going every day is a hardship when she would rather just explode

Problem is the destruction you leave behind afterwards

A huge mess for someone else to clean up4781bd0720d526a6a4a6babbf73c6100

Your loved ones finding the results of the catastrophe

Black coating everything that she used to touch

A thin film of memories covering the surfaces of peoples lives

Time is running out