Lobotomize my Soul

af7237b19d9c99baa41f68436a0733c8You used to say my love was a drug

But love is an addiction

Always wanting more and never satisfied

Drug me up

Numb me

I can’t handle the addiction

No rehab can get me out of this mess except lock me up and put me away

Suffocate me and shove the painkillers down my throat

Lobotomize my soul

Don’t let me go

Pieces to You

I’ll come to you in pieces e9fcd2cf4b9c842029a30d8ca7649237
You can make me whole again
Blown up scattered remains
Limp flesh encased in a cage of metal
Glued between a steering wheel and concrete
Piece me together
Peel me off the cement
Collect my parts
Try to breathe life into my soul again
I don’t care if I come back
But at least I’ll be with you


37d4455513ebc62aeadb3aa454aaae14fcc3ece292d2730ff7c6a4f2b1a5d0baIf it’s meant to be it will be
But I know that rushing everything isn’t our destiny
If you leave and you still can not find the love that you lack
I’ll be here for when you get back
This I cannot say or will not express
For if I was utter these words you would love me less

Dangers of Chemistry

73349d943be7b7cbd1ac401e2281c19aThere’s chemistry

Yet, a high risk for spontaneous combustion

The universe may be infinite but we are finite

Ready to explode at any moment in time

A little spark can set everything ablaze

Valuable ingredients missing and the whole equation is off

You won’t get the desired result

No happy ending

Just poison in a beaker full of lust and regret


Escaping Neverland

82750af66448622ece3b8f3225be9c07“When you’re older you’ll understand”

This is why we all rush to grow up

Screw Neverland

We all want someone to hold our hand

Grow up to experience life

All the glory in the battlefields but you won’t let us fight

You shade us

“You’ll understand…”

“If only you understood…”

But you won’t let us66711b38df7dc1f3b97879f3f90f3306

Forbidden to grow up

The innocent

The corrupt

All kids that have escaped Neverland

Give me some of your pixie dust

I want out too

My Charred Edges

You lit it on fire and I wanted it to burnAutosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

I watched as the edges went ablaze

Slowly they turned black and melted away with the wind

The tantalizing flames warming my soul

Until the smoke alarm went off

Alerting me to danger

The oxygen was cut off until it suffocated

The only hint there was even a fire…

Now just a thin trail of smoke wafting through the thick breeze

Sipping From Your Lips

When I take a sip from your lips it’s like sipping a sweet poisonae3fca72844db4ebc48647263986af8f

It feels delightful and clouds my judgement

But it’s slowly killing me

The only antidote…

Keep sipping the poison

Constantly ingesting a little here and there

Or I’ll surely die

My Black Skinny Jeans

They say if you stop looking for it, it will appear when you need it

The problem is, today, we want instant gratification

We are all blinded to what we actually need by what our ideals and dreams are

What we think we want

It’s like, you go looking for black skinny jeans and you can’t find them anywheref1661ea533c64d21e629223875f86d41

Because you want them

You don’t actually need them

But everyone has a pair and they are wearing them all the time

Almost flaunting it in front of you

So I stopped looking

Got comfortable without having a pair

Then, when I forgot about them…

You appeared…

My black skinny jeans